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Got dating app denial? Suddenly, the world's first offline dating app.
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The world's first offline dating app.

It’s a dating radar that lets you instantly meet singles face-to-face when you cross paths in real life.
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No Swiping. No Stress.

Done with endless swipes and messages that lead nowhere? Ever wasted days chatting only to find out they weren’t your type in-person?

Suddenly notifies you when another user is nearby in real-time. Meeting singles face-to-face is now simple and seamless:


Leave singles radar on in background.


Get notified when match is close by.


Send request and meet in-person.


Instant chance encounters.

We’re bringing back the mystery and excitement of old-fashioned dating with a modern dating app twist. Suddenly alone offers an organic dating experience based on real-life dynamics.  We champion chance encounters, making every meeting feel destined.

Unlike online platforms, Suddenly has its advantages:

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Safe and Non-Awkward

Found out they’re taken, busy, or just not in the mood? Suddenly, it provides non-awkward face-to-face introductions with other serious and genuine singles.

Prioritizing your safety and comfort, we provide free safety features for at-risk users, setting us apart from corporate dating app giants. Explore our unique features to enhance your dating experience.

Safety Tools

Video Verification: Before meeting someone, request a real-time verification video to avoid unexpected surprises.


Safety Ratings: Users carry a permanent rating, visible before sharing your details. Respect is key; misbehavior could lead to a permanent blacklist.


Incognito Mode: We support anonymous dating for female, trans, and non-binary users. Keep your photos and information hidden until you choose to "request a meet".

Chat Timer

Life is spontaneous and thrilling. With Suddenly, our chat ensures it stays that way.


Our users value genuine face-to-face interactions with singles. No more waiting for replies or being ghosted. Those days are behind us.

Blind Dates

Craving the thrill of endless possibilities?


With Suddenly, embark on blind dates with compatible users. Once matched, it's straight to a face-to-face meeting!

Dating Coach

Want to refine your dating game?

Meet our virtual Ai dating guru. She'll securely guide you through the dating landscape, offering tailored tips, and insights on any dating-related topic. She'll even help you break the ice on your date.

Meet singles who hate dating apps like you.

Alexis Said:

Tinder sent a notification to congratulate me on 1,000 likes. I was still single. So, I immediately deleted my account.

Paige Said:

My boyfriend and I talked on Hinge for two weeks before we met. But, until then, he was just another guy on a dating app.

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Find a real story here.

Discover the thrill of instant, real-life, chance encounters. With our app, love could be just around the corner. Skip the online chat; go straight to spontaneous, face-to-face meetings.

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We're making an impact.

We're an impact venture offering a socially responsible alternative to today's toxic dating app culture.

Community Outreach

We partner with local businesses to connect underrepresented groups, building cohesive singles communities.

Ethical Pricing

Pay-per-date ensures users pay only for actual dates, not app usage or addiction like major dating platforms.

Safety Matters

While big apps charge for safety, ours offers protective features at no cost, prioritizing safe, genuine interactions.

Mental Wellbeing

Dating apps create anxiety, addiction, and isolation, but ours fosters human connectedness boosting mental wellbeing.

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